The Fall Line Portfolio

by Amanda Wilson

Traditional Blends

Since its inception in 2004, Fall Line has crafted classically-styled wines using fruit from thoughtfully selected top-tier vineyards in Washington State.

Fall Line takes particular pride in its offering of traditional Bordeaux-inspired blends. These elegantly structured wines celebrate the perfume and herbal nuance of cabernet franc and the luscious, dark-berry flavors of merlot. They include just enough of the rich, complex tones of cabernet sauvignon to lend perfect balance (and some have been elivened by the spicy zeal of petit verdot).

Single-Varietal Wines

In a bow to varietal nobility, Fall Line also produces a composition of 100% cabernet sauvignon. Showcasing an intriguing fusion of herbs and flowers, stone and berry fruits, and mineral-earth undertones, this sumptuous wine is uniquely graceful with a long, lingering finish.

In the only departure from its Bordeaux-themed portfolio, Fall Line produced one other single-varietal wine from 2009 to 2012: Tempranillo. Floral and exotic, this lovely wine captured the aromatic allure of fruit from Boushey Vineyard while holding true to the noble Spanish varietal.

Specific Wines

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