Winemaking Principles

by Alan D. Robertson

Emphasis on Restraint

Fall Line is dedicated to showcasing the exceptional qualities of the fruit from which its wines are made. This requires working closely with growers to 'get it right' on the vine so that the grapes may be vinified with the least possible manipulation.

Grape musts are inoculated with specialty commercial yeast strains, and nutrients are added as needed to ensure the health of the yeast and provide for steady, controlled fermentations. Carefully monitored ferments proceed at moderate-high temperatures for sufficient durations to both preserve and extract desired components of the fruit. 'Augmenting agents,' such as enzymes or tannins, are never used.

All wines are aged for eighteen to twenty-four months in tight-grain French oak barrique of the highest quality. The proportion of new oak ranges from negligible in more recent vintages to around 30% or so in earlier vintages, and used barrels are generally second- and third-use. Wines are typically racked three times over the course of their elevage. Finished wines are neither fined nor filtered.

Fall Line's deliberate approach to winemaking gives elegant, nuanced wines that exhibit balance, grace, and depth.